Stand Fast

Press Releases

24 April 2012

Veterans group condemns hollow remembrance on ANZAC Day

12 March 2012

Statement of solidarity to the brave people of Jeju Island from Stand Fast

5 March 2012

Veterans say, "PM, get the troops out fast!"

 23 January 2012

Veterans open letter to Gillard - No war on Iran!

 25 May 2011

Veterans group to Gillard, “No crocodile tears for the dead, bring the troops home now!”

22 April 2011

9 Febrary 2011

Veterans group says Abbott's attitude is bipartisan

4 Febrary 2011

Australians Die for a Mubarak Look-alike

21 September 2010

Speak Out against the Afghan War at Holsworthy Barracks, Sydney
*note change of location for this action*

 6 September 2010

Speak Out against the Afghan War at Enoggera Barracks, Brisbane

 3 August 2010

SpeakOut against the Afghan War at Lavarack Barracks, Townsville

12 July 2010

Veterans Group to Gillard, “No more lies, respect soldiers' lives!”

22 June 2010

Veteran Group disgusted by patronising rhetoric about soldiers' deaths

 2 June 2010

Charismatic President not welcome down under

22 April 2010

Veterans group calls for troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan in lead up to ANZAC Day

12 March 2010

Drone attack to welcome Obama to Canberra

 5 February 2010

Anti-war veterans group calls for protests when Barack Obama visits Australia

23 April 2009

Veterans Group reflects on brutality of war and question how politicians use our armed forces on ANZAC Day

11 July 2008

Veteran Group disgusted by Nelson’s patronising rhetoric about soldier’s death

 23 June 2008

Anti-war veterans group welcomes home troops, condemns false withdrawal 

14 March 2008

Anti-war veterans group to be launched at Palm Sunday rallies