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 12 March 2012

Stand Fast released a statement of solidarity with the people of Jeju Island, South Korea.


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 10 December 2010

Hamish Chitts spoke for Stand Fast at Brisbane rally for Julian Assange and Wikileaks in front of Dept. Foreign Affairs and Trade, Brisbane CBD.

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24 September 2010

Stand Fast had another successful speakout  this time in front of Holsworthy Barracks in Sydney.

Numbers were small but Graeme's banners and our presence sent a strong message to the people coming in and out the main gate of Holsworthy.

Graeme and Hamish were joined by Marlene Obeid, Joe and Christine from Sydney's Stop the War Coalition and by John Percy, National Secretary of the Revolutionary Socialist Party, who spoke on the open mike of his involvement in the movement (from its early days) against the Vietnam War and of his support for what Stand Fast is doing.

There wasn't as much media as we had in Brisbane, but there were journalists from the local Liverpool newspaper and form the Sydney Morning Herald. I also did radio interviews with 2UE, the National Radio News Network and 4ZZZ.

Many soldiers passing expressed their support for what we are doing, many more than the two which hurled abuse as they passed. We were set up near a roundabout and as one car was entering the roundabout the soldier driving gave us a thumbs up and said, “You're doing a great job!” He then did a full circle of the roundabout so the soldier in the passenger seat could also face us and say, “ Yeah, you are really doing a good job!” People who have never been the Army might not realise how big a deal it is to show support for us where the soldiers could possibly be seen by others.

Soldiers are the worst gossips in the world and the 'digger net' is faster than any broadband network. By that afternoon there would have been discussion and debate about our presence and about the war in Afghanistan throughout the base as soldiers were sitting around waiting for the beginning of their weekend. This is one of the unique things that Stand Fast can bring to the anti-war movement because it is a lot harder for the military brass to write us off as they do the civilian population and protesters in particular.  It is not a substitute for any other tactic but just another weapon in our armoury.

The Stand Fast barracks speakouts will continue to roll on. Challenging the war in Afghanistan and raising discussion and debate within the military. 

9 September 2010

Stand Fast had another successful barracks speakout against the war in Afghanistan on Thursday, September 9, outside of Brisbane's Gallipoli Barracks – home of the Australian Army's 7th Brigade. Graeme Dunstan from Stand Fast provided great visual impact with huge and striking banners and flags and he also provided the sound through the PA of his Peacebus. Over the 5 hour protest about 20 people attended and helped hand out flyers to the soldiers entering and leaving the barracks with many staying for the entire time. Stand Fast was honoured to incorporate its speakout with the regular Thursday vigil which is conducted outside the barracks by local people who oppose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and it was a good chance for the two groups to get to know each other and build links.

The speakout received good media coverage with as many journalists and camera crews present at the start of the speakout as there were protesters. Stories were aired that night on Channel Ten and SBS news programs and was reported online for the Courier Mail, Sydney Morning Herald, AAP, ABC, Brisbane Times and QUT News.

The speakout heard from Stand Fast members Graeme Dunstan and Hamish Chitts and then the mike was made open to anyone who wanted to say something. There were some excellent speakers which you can hear parts of the clip below (courtesy of Ian Curr, Workers Bush Telegraph).

 While a small number of passing soldiers were hostile the most encouraging thing was that there were also some soldiers who were brave enough (at the risk of being seen by others) to show their support for the speakout.  The overwhelming majority of passing civilians also showed their support.



13 August 2010

Stand Fast's Graeme Dunstan organised a highly successful speak-out in front of Townsville's Lavarack Barracks, one of the Australian Army's largest bases.

There was a good turn out of local supporters, 14 in total including a British veteran of Cyprus, Jenny Stirling from the Greens and David Lowe from the Socialist Alliance.  The speak-out had a good media response with all local news media was represented.  Media included ABC Radio Townsville (12.30 pm Friday news plus a drive time interview), extensive coverage WIN and Seven TV news (long, maybe 2 minute segments) and page 4 of the Townsville Bulletin (see photo).  Our media release before the speak-out can be read here.

The speak-out did not receive any abuse from troops entering/leaving the barracks and from the speak-out Stand Fast has built important contacts with people who are able to get Stand Fast's message directly to soldiers in one of Australia's largest garrison towns.

25 April 2010

Stand Fast's Rob de Kok handed out a statement 'Lest we forget Vietnam - Perhaps we were wrong.  Perhaps we're wrong again..." at the Vietnam memorial in Canberra.

Read the statement here

12 March 2010

Stand Fast's announcement of a cardboard attack on US President Obama's Canberra visit gains mainstream media attention.

From SBS: Obama to come under 'mock drone attack'

From The Australian: Obama to face 'mock' attack during visit

From The Sydney Morning Herald  Obama to face 'mock attack' during visit


10 February 2010

 Stand Fast's call to protest Obama's Australian visit published in Brisbane's Westender.

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10 July 2009

On 17th May Stand Fast's Hamish Chitts gave a speech at a Peace Convergence public meeting in Rockhampton.

Read Hamish's speech here 


9 May 2009

On 9th May Gerry Binder addressed a Sydney rally against the Rudd government's troop surge to Afghanistan.

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22 April 2009

On 22nd April the Wentworth Courier newspaper published an interview with Gerry Binder about ANZAC Day.

Have we lost the true meaning of Anzac Day?






5 April 2009

Chip Henriss from Stand Fast addressed the Palm Sunday community rally in Melbourne.

21 March 2009

On Saturday 21st March Stand Fast members Gerry Binder and Hamish Chitts spoke at the RALLY TO END WARS AND OCCUPATION in Sydney.

Read Gerry's speech to the rally here.



June 2008

In it's June edition Direct Action newspaper published an interview with Hamish Chitts on Stand Fast.

Anti-war veterans group formed From Direct Action. Sydney, Australia <>


9 May 2008

On Friday 9th May the Mercury newspaper published an interview with Mark Rickards on Stand Fast.

 Mercury article transcript


16 March 2008

The following speech by Hamish Chitts marked Stand Fast's public launch at the Palm Sunday Peace Rally in Queens Park, Brisbane, 16th March 2008.

 Palm Sunday Speech