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Melbourne - Flashmob Action on the 9th anniversary of the Afghanistan War

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Saturday, October 9

12.30pm Corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets, just inside or outside the station.

1.00pm Bourke Street Mall, near GPO.

1.30pm State library lawns, corner Latrobe and Swanston Streets.

1.40pm Speakers @ State library

The war in Afghanistan is not liberating anyone from terrorism. A reported 971 Afghani’s were killed in fighting during August. 22 Australian troops have been killed, almost half this year. Documents just released through Wikileaks expose how coalition forces have killed hundreds of civilians in unreported incidents, and that the Taliban are becoming increasingly deadly.

While 61% of Australians think we should withdraw from Afghanistan – on the whole we’ve been a very silent majority.

On the 9th anniversary of the start of this war, we are inviting people to spontaneously “die” in public places, to reflect the real deaths of this war.

Go to the appointed place a few minutes before the exact time. However do not gather in groups. At the exact time you will hear a siren sound. When you hear the sound, fall to the ground as if dead. Remain silent and do not engage with any passers by. There will be a couple of people handing out leaflets and engaging with anyone around.


You may wish to hold a small A4 sign with your own message – such as “no more deaths in Afghanistan”. We will also provide placards that will be placed on “dead” people. You could wear a Burqa, Army camouflages, or your normal clothes. The point is that all sorts of people have been killed by this war.

After 2 minutes, get up, and walk in different directions to the next spot. After the final die-in, you can resurrect to listen to the speakers.

Sydney Protest - After nine years of slaughter, end the war in Afghanistan!

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Friday, October 8 · 5:30pm - 7:30pm          

Sydney Town Hall, George St, Sydney, Australia

On the ninth anniversary of the war, join us to demand an immediate withdrawl of troops from Afghanistan.


Speak out against the war in Afghanistan - Holdsworthy Barracks, Sydney

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Friday September 24, 12 pm - 4pm


Macarthur Avenue, Holsworthy

(off Heathcote Rd and adjacent to theHolsworthy Rail Station)


Stand Fast, a group of veterans and former service personnel who oppose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, will be holding a Speak Out at the front gate of Holdsworthy Barracks.  Join us in calling for troops out of Afghanistan.   Show soldiers you don't want them to kill or die for politicians' lies and corporate greed.  Help us hand out flyers to the troops.  Drop by for a while or stand with us the whole time - any of your time appreciated.


For more info on Stand Fast visit 


Support the troops - bring them home now!


For info on the Speak Out contact Hamish 0401 586 923  or Graeme 0407 951 688



Speak out against the war in Afghanistan

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Thursday September 9, 12pm - 5pm

Front gate Enoggera Barracks, Lloyd St. Enoggera

Stand Fast, a group of veterans and former service personnel who opposethe wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, will be holding a speak out at thefront gate of Enoggera Barracks.  Join us in calling for troops out ofAfghanistan.   Show soldiers you don't want them to kill or die forpoliticians' lies and corporate greed.  Help us hand out flyers tothe troops.  Drop by for a while or stand with us the whole time - anyof your time appreciated.

For more info on Stand Fast visit

Support the troops - bring them home now!

For info on the speak out contact Hamish 0401 586 923 

Please pass on to all you know.

Melbourne: 12 noon Saturday October 10

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March & rally


Bring the troops home!

*Refugee status for asylum seekers fleeing the war
*Genuine civilian based reconstruction aid
*Fund independent women's rights groups in Afghanistan

Life is getting worse for ordinary Afghans, life expectancy is now only 43 years, adult literacy is just 24% and the UN estimates that 4654 civilians have died since January 2007. 65% of Australians oppose sending more troops, and 51% oppose the war. Meanwhile the governments of the world are planning to send more troops to prop up this failed war.

Rally is being held during an international month of action against the war on Afghanistan.

Assemble 12 noon Saturday October 10 @ City Square, cnr Swanston & Collins Sts, City

Followed by a march to the Victoria Army Barracks where photos of the real victims of the war on Afghanistan will be displayed.

For information, phone Trent 0407 070 841

Endorsed by 3CR, Campaign for International Cooperation & Disarmament, Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth, Freedom Socialist Party, Global Sisterhood Network, Hills Peace Committee, Japanese for Peace, Maritime Union of Australia (Vic Branch), Radical Women, Resistance, Socialist Alliance, Socialist Alternative, Solidarity, Stand Fast

Sydney: 5pm Friday May 8

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(near Town Hall Station & George St buses)

SPEAKER: Gerry Binder, StandFast - Veterans Against War

INFO: Pip 0412 139 968 Rob 0411 449 033 Andrew 0409 959 014

* Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has given the order to increase Australia?s military presence in Afghanistan by 450 - making a total of 1,550.

* Join Stop the War in a protest vigil and speakout in the city next Friday afternoon, May 8. Come along to tell Mr Rudd that he is sending more soldiers to join an illegal, Bush-era war against people who had no connection to 9-11, in a struggling, damaged and deeply impoverished country.

* The people of Afghanistan need our support to begin a new era of peace, self-determination and improved quality of life. They don?t need more pointless destruction of innocent lives and property...

Sydney- 2pm SATURDAY MARCH 21

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* Stop the Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan
* Bring ALL the Troops Home
* End the Siege of Gaza
* Justice for Palestine
* Prosecute the War Criminals
* Abolish Aust. 'Terror Laws'



* JEFF HALPER, Peace & Human Rights Activist



* RIZ WAKIL, Hazara Association

* JACOB CARSWELL-DOUGHERTY, president UWS Students Association, Students for Palestine

? GERRY BINDER, STAND-FAST Australian Veterans against War

PALESTINIAN speaker on worldwide boycott campaign against Israel,
IRAQI speaker...

CHRISTINE KEAVNEY, Stop the War Coalition
OPHELIA HARAGLI, Gaza Defence Committee

Organised by Stop the War Coalition &
Gaza Defence Committee

0411 449 033
0403 879 220
0412 139 968

Sydney: 9-23 February 2009

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Melbourne: Tuesday, 11 November, 7:00pm

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Remembrance Day Panel: Veterans and former military personnel speak-out against imperialist war
The Russian Revolution started when women workers went on strike, took to the streets and appealed to soldiers, fed up with fighting in World War 1, to join them. The Vietnam War was stopped due to the tenacity of the Viet Cong, the huge anti-war mobilisations and the determination of the soldiers to end an unjust war. But despite this history, many believe that anti-war activists and the ranks of the military are automatically on opposing sides.

Join the discussion about how to stop imperialist wars permanently with a panel of freedom fighters that all once made their living in the military.

? Chip Henriss was born in the United States and is a former Australian Army major who served in East Timor. He left the army and began organising with the Timor Sea Justice Campaign to demand Australia cease plundering the fledgling nation?s oil. Chip is a member of Stand Fast, a recently formed veterans? group. Stand Fast seeks to add weight to the antiwar movement in Australia through organising veterans to speak out against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and by debunking the myth: ?if you?re against the war, you?re against the troops.?

? Keith Kaulfuss, an immigrant from Germany, served in the Royal Australian Signal Corps from 1961 ? 1967. Keith is a grandfather and a retired union delegate. He is a founding member of the Indigenous Social Justice Association ? Melbourne, has defended the Fertility to Control Clinic against anti-choice bigots and marched to protest the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

? Peter Hannaford joined Her Majesty?s Royal Australian Navy in 1964 and was sent to Vietnam. He is a feminist who helped found Diversity in Safe Communities, a united front comprised of anti-Nazi organisers, which successfully drove the misogynist Blackshirts out of Brunswick. Peter is a renowned community artist who has marched against every war since Vietnam.

A spring buffet dinner will be served at 6:30pm for a $7 donation. The event will be held at Solidarity Salon, 580 Sydney Road, Brunswick. Catch an Upfield line train to Anstey Station or a Sydney Road tram to Blyth Street. Plenty of free parking is available at the rear. For more information, phone 03-9388-0062 or email [email protected] Everyone is welcome.